Why I mention prostitution so much

russian_bridesYou may have notice me writing about prostitution. I’m doing it not only out of my natural interest in things dirty, immoral, illegal or some other way beyond but mostly because good 20% of search phrases that take people to my sites have “prostitute” or “prostitution” in them, and “Russian brides” is next in popularity. Hits transform to enquiries, and enquiries to clients, and clients to small pittance that allows me to support my humble and at times miserable existence and even at times help others plodding through their lives.

Moved to LiquidWeb hosting, now switching to Swift theme, speed drastically up

I’ve followed Satish Gandham’s good advice and moved to LiquidWeb, mid-range VPS, with APC cache installed on the server. Page loading time dropped immediately and considerably, from 5-7 seconds at HostGator to 2-4 at LiquidWeb all else unchanged. A switch from a powerful but somewhat heavy Weaver II to  Swift resulted in a further improvement of the loading speed to around one second!  While I’m a hardwired conservative in my tastes and preferences, I will probably switch to Swift.  Under 2 seconds loading time is tempting. Continue reading

Sunday night traditional

women_mvAnother Russian bride seeker online. So far 20 e-mail in my inbox, and about the same number of messages in Skype. Why do these always pop up Sunday evenings?!  Why isn’t it obvious to them that one list of questions is easier than these incessant little e-mails?!!

Russian lessons

Learn Russian (or English) the “Bluff your way in xxx” way. Uncle Pasha welcomes the lazy who want a lot fast with minimal effort. Here is a summary of the approach.

THE PARETO PRINCIPLE RULES!  20% of the effort does 80% of the job.

NO GRAMMAR. Keep it simple. Short basic carefully constructed sentences need no grammar.

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As of recent I got into a habit of reading 1930s memoirs nightly before tuning out. The resemblance to what’s happening how is somewhat disturbing.  Rising incomes, comfort, safety, and opportunities on the one hand. On the other it is 3am police visits and a growing number of things that can’t be said or done.  Mass media full of talk of non-existent problems although in 1937 is was spies and sabotage and counter-revolutionary conspiracies.  Now it is cults, pedophiles, and “foreign agents”.

It was JetPack from WordPress. The World Has Ended theory.

It screws up Comment form, imposes a non-removable link to Facebook and similar pointless systems, and drastically increases load time.  My www.staritsa.info went from 4-5 seconds loading time to way under two in most tests after I took Jetpack out.

I’m starting to see WordPress as just another hoax designed to grab your time, energy, and attention. Your soul.

Yes, your soul. The word has ended, and we are in hell being devoured. The end lacked the expected audio-visual effects, and it turned out there are no cauldrons down there, and demons look very different from what authorities like Bosch or Botticelli made us expect.  Instead they come in the form of incessant advertising or redundant gadgets that feed on what’s left of us. Does anybody understand what I’m talking about? A thoughtful comment would be appreciated.

How **not** to make a room enquiry

I wrote about this several times before. Renting a room is not just buying a right to so many square feet for so many days. You will be sharing living quarters. Interaction is unavoidable. Give your potential roommate or host an idea of who you are. Today I got two enquiries that I did pass on to hosts who advertise at my www.cheap-moscow.com but chances of a positive – or any – response are close to zero. Even if accommodation is available.
Here I am reproducing two more of these “how not to” examples, with names deleted of course:
I am in Moscow and I need a room to live. What is the price?, I wish a room for 1 month.
I will wait for your reply.
kind regards!
Hi ; which is the price for room from 1 mai to 9 mai 2013 ; we are 2 persons . regards,
Why those asking about apartments write so much better than room seekers?! Letters requesting professional services are even better. But room and Russian bride types write in a manner that makes me sad that at this time I’m in no position to turn down just about any business.