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Please e-mail to paul_voytinsky@yahoo.com AND manfriday@yandex.ru Write to BOTH, at least till it is established that the connection works. Use this form if you have no mail agent installed:

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I answer fast. Often right away. There is no need to call unless the matter is REAL urgent. If it is, the number is +7 985 217 3241. Remember the time difference! Voice transmission quality is often low. Many questions require me to think or look at the schedule so I may not be able to give an instant answer.  Once I nearly ended up in a ditch by New Jerusalem when someone was unable to find the exact address of a cheap cafeteria mentioned on my site and decided to call me. An entirely too trivial of a reason to speak across the Atlantic and then 2 thousand miles of land. Please pause for a moment before dialing. Perhaps an e-mail (see above) will do?

This is me if anybody insists on seeing my mug. For more respectable versions, including photo evidence that I can put up with having a tie wrapped abound my neck, see Business Support Services.

If you want to discuss anything in open air use my FORUM, or make comments to any of the pages or postings.

My mailing address is Ovchinnikovskaya nab. 8, kv. 508, Moscow 115035. If If sending anything “registered” please indicate my number on the envelop/box.

My Skype is Uncle_Pasha_2011 but please don’t when e-mail will do. The only  use I can think of it is to show you apartments you may want to rent.

What if I’m am out of reach for whatever reason, or even out of circulation altogether? I’ve compiled a list of friends and associates who are aware of my affairs and can help in my absence. Things here in Russia go wrong often and in a bad way. So here is a regularly updated list of people who will help you >>


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  1. Hi Pasha,
    Well done. All the ideas + tourism + website.
    Привет Александре, я из её ЖЖ-рассказа сюда впервые заглянула.

  2. Ой. Только заметил, как раз показывая Александре первые относительные успехи по де-помоизации WordPress’овских сайтов. Страшная штук. С декабря 2011 возюкаюсь. И только сейчас вроде как just began to start seeing my way around the nooks and crevices of WP, damn be the day I heard the name.

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